Kudjip Hospital PNG – Bill Wright Completes Important Upgrades

The urgent request came to me that the medical x-ray unit was...

The urgent request came to me that the medical x-ray unit was not working. The x-ray unit electronics were subject to utility power events resulting in component failure. When I arrived at the Kudjip Nazarene Hospital, I was able to get the x-ray unit running but the list of other problems was rather lengthy. We first attacked the power line problems affecting the residences in the south part of the compound. Using all available resources and equipment, we straightened out several power poles and repaired several wire splices. Next we added two new sectionalizers that isolate and separate the power line into sections. We also had to replace two contactors and timers in the power distribution house. Once that was repaired and stabilized we  turned our attention to fixing the sewer lift pump station. It was a nasty job but we were able to get the pumps running again. The Operating room lights were having problems with the bulbs burning out prematurely. We totally rewired the system and retapped the step down transformers to limit the bulb voltage. The list kept going.

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