PowerPac Container Continues On the Road for Many Demonstrations

We unveiled our prototype “Power Pac” container during the summer of 2013. ...

We unveiled our prototype “Power Pac” container during the summer of 2013.  The first display was at the Lycoming County Fair in Hughesville. July 12-20.  Since that time, the PowerPac was updated with a remote controlled, powered mechanism to raise and lower the solar panel arrays.  The container continues to be transported to many locations for display and demonstration.

Thanks to Steve Mattie,  of Transport Designs located in Montoursville, PA, www.transportcustomdesigns.com, this unique mobile display is available to set up at large events and mission conferences.

For 25 years, I-TEC volunteers have repaired and installed electrical systems for mission hospitals, orphanages, schools and training centers in over 40 third world countries.   We have clearly seen a need for a power source that would provide reliable “clean” power and require very little maintenance when located in a remote part of the world.  We wanted a unit that could be assembled here in the USA by volunteers to help control the cost.  We also wanted to guarantee proper assembly specifications and avoid the typical difficulty of trying to obtain materials on site.

That seed of an idea has taken root and with the completion of our “mobile” prototype, it has been possible to complete our first project  for “The Sister Connection” which has solar as the primary power source, backed up with a diesel generator for the rainy season and for remote battery charging.  This now provides 24 hour clean power to a ministry for widows in the war ravaged country of Burundi.  

Now the second PowerPac unit is on its way to Northern DRCongo.  When delivered, it will provide electrical power through primarily solar power supported by diesel generator.  Restoring Hope Ministries will have clean electrical power, capable of supplying ministry growth for a long time.

The third PowerPac is now being built by volunteers and is expected to be shipped by Spring of 2017.

Please contact us for more detailed information if you have questions. OR, if you would like to be a part of this amazing project, please consider a contribution of any size towards the PowerPac project by clicking on the donate button.



DEMO OF POWERED SOLAR PANEL AT WORK (This is for the demo unit only)