Nundu Project Completed Solar and Water Filtration Systems

Nundu Deaconess Hospital, Congo, serves a large population on the eastern edge...

Nundu Deaconess Hospital, Congo, serves a large population on the eastern edge of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The hospital is directed by Congolese physicians and has a long history of partnership with Free Methodist World Missions. In years of war, the hospital campus suffered great losses. Restoration is still underway. A small generator was their only source of power for years.  In addition, their water system was destroyed.  They sterilized instruments with water dipped from an adjacent river, in a pressure cooker, over a charcoal fire! 


After postponing this project in October, 2017 because of security concerns, the installation of a 20kw Solar PowerPac and underground electrical distribution system to provide power to the hospital was completed on October 2nd.  In addition to installing the electrical system, I-TEC partnered with Water Mission in Charleston, South Carolina to install a Water Purification System that now provides clean water to the hospital.  Both phases of the project went very well.


The Congo Team


Installation of the Solar Panels

Mike-Power pac

Programing the PowerPac

Water 1

Installation of the Water Filtration System


The first time the water was turn on! Thanks God!


The local team…Thanks for all your hard work!

If you would like to know more about Nundu Deaconess Hospital click on the link below

Nundu Deaconess Hospital