Tom & Linda Garber Wrap Up April Survey Trip, Burundi, Africa

BURUNDI UPDATE 04/18/12 The short version is that we have had a...


The short version is that we have had a great survey trip and want to thank you for your prayers.  I really believe we have made all the contacts possible here in the City and have a really good sense for the future construction at both sites near the central mountain city of Gitega.
The longer version along with pictures can be found on our blog site at

We have included pictures of the installation of the solar panel that I took in my suitcase.

We leave in less then 2 hours for the airport.  No more internet until Thursday afternoon.


 This is now week two inBurundiand we are getting a better feel for the people and the country.  As always, getting out of the city and meeting the village people in their environment is much more rewarding.

Last week we completed the on site survey at the property of Sister Connection and have started the process of outlining the options.  In the weeks ahead, we will be able to put prices to these options and present the proposal to their board.

This week we started the same process at the property of THARS.

Both of these ministries are about working with widows and trauma victims from years of wars fought here inBurundi.

We have posted pictures on our blog site at:

We took one day and did a quick overview of the electrical system at the KibuyeHopeHospital.  Lord willing, we will be back as it appears to be hanging on by a thread!!

We will do a final wrap up post on our way home next Thur. the 19th of April.

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