Thank you ITEC

As I sit on this flight out of PNG, which is a country this small town lineman had never heard of before this opportunity to serve with ITEC I can’t help but reflect on what has happened over the last few weeks.

I came over with a few other lineman from the same utility to build power lines and help to fix a power system that wasn’t effective for the Kudjip Hospital. I have been blessed with the skills of a lineman and have always felt linework is a gift I was given from God so why wouldn’t I want to use these skills for His work. It didn’t take long after arriving at the hospital and beginning to climb poles and pull wire that I realized that like so many other times in my walk with Christ that He had a plan that was different then mine. I had planned on flying halfway around the world to serve others and give some of what I had. On this journey home I am convinced that I was served and given on this trip far more then I gave. I feel like the Itec team did a spectacular job from the electricians, operators, lineman and the support team. At the end of it all, we gave it our all, worked and loved on each other with all we had and yet God multiplied it and gave it all back. I had struggled with giving up over two weeks of vacation for this trip and I am returning from a vacation that was worth more then double. I tried to be a friend to other while I was here and I leave with more new friends then I can count. I tried to love a stranger and was given more love then I have to give. So as I sit here I am reminded that Gods math is so much better then mine. I gave up nothing and gained it all. Thank you Itec

             John Glenn

            Ocala, Florida


I enjoy my profession as a Lineman and have always tried to do my best to “climb” the career ladder.  However, this struggle ceased when I went on a mission trip with I-TEC.  My eyes were opened like never before.  It was a very humbling experience.  I discovered that my struggle in being so career-minded is not what life is all about.  God is teaching me to use my skills and abilities for His honor & glory.  Now I want to do all I can to help missionaries with their electrical needs so they can stay focused on spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

Gerard Rowe

Blounts Creek, North Carolina