January 10, 2020

Dear Tom Garber and the I-TEC Team,

Hope Africa University, Van Norman Clinic and Kibuye Hope Hospital in Burundi, Africa has 24/7 electricity because of you. Our board, Friends of Hope Africa University appreciated the professionalism, skill and passion your team demonstrated. It was exhibited when you went to Burundi to assess our needs to develop the vision, provide us a detailed bid proposal, the time you spent communicating with each key stakeholder throughout the project and delivering the final product under budget.

What does this reliable power mean for the university and hospitals?

  • Huge relief to the budget in freeing HAU from reliance on expensive Diesel reserve power.
  • Service at the clinic—surgery lighting, night and emergency coverage, refrigeration for medicines and blood storage.
  • Expanded broad-band internet access for research, computer instruction, protection for technical equipment.
  • Climate control for protection of library books and archives.
  • Interconnected administrative system for more accurate and complete academic records.
  • Security lighting.
  • It has enabled the radio station to broadcast Christian programing 24/7.
  • Increased capacity to the hospital across the board.
  • Power to use a state-of-the-art steam and pressure sterilizer on surgical instruments
  • Reliable energy to perform surgery without an electricity outage.

FHAU board especially wants to thank you and the team for the respect and loving care you gave to our Burundian friends and ministry partners. You empowered their services and adopted them as part of your crew. Hope Africa University President Victor Barantota, Ph.D. and Friends of Hope Africa University Board wants to give you a special thank you. We pray that other ministries will be blessed to have the services that your T-TEC team provided to us.

Dale Hill

FHAU Vice-President


November 6, 2017

Dear ITEC team,

     It is with a heart of gratitude, as the CEO of Restoration Gateway, on behalf of myself and all of us who live and work at Restoration Gateway in Uganda East Africa, for your amazing expertise and diligence in installing our new state of the art power supply this past month. As some of you knew, I had some serious concerns about the price tag of this new system on a budget that is always stretched and this project stretched it to the limit. But I can now say it was truly worth it making our many projects possible and bringing us out of the bush of East Africa. It was a blessing to work with each of you and to watch you labor as unto the Lord to make this system operational and extending it over our entire existing campus. This will bless many, many people as they access the many services God is providing in Uganda at RG.

We pray God’s richest blessings on each of you and may you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Christ filled Christmas and new year.

Tim McCall, M.D., CEO Restoration Gateway Uganda


Dear Tom Garber and I-TEC Team, Earl Hartwig and Hydro Team, Scott Dooley and Admin Team, Bill Wright and Generator Team,

What a blessing you all have been to us!  What expert, timely, dedicated, skilled, professional, courteous, hard, wonderful labor you have given! What a great joy to have real controlled, adequate, consistent, reliable electrical power. How nice to be able to take a hot shower in the morning instead of a cold one in the OR area. How nice to not have the power go off and on during a difficult life threatening surgery! How sweet to be able to do things that need power in the evenings. I am reminded of what Sir Winston Churchill said about the Royal British Air Force at the end of WWII, “Never before have so few done so much for so many!” You are just like that. Thanks for coming to live and to work among us. Our people see your hard work and it is a joy to them as well as to us to know your commitment in time, energy and expenses to be involved in our ministry to God’s people here. We appreciate your investment in the future of this ministry greatly and are grateful for your work and your witness while here. May the Lord continue to bless, enable, protect, guide, inspire, and anoint your special ministry. You are special folk and have been victorious over many obstacles in the process through God’s help and with your determination. We praise the Lord for many answers to prayer along the way. You have been resilient, shown endurance, exhibited faithfulness in it all. Praise God!

Kathy and Jim Radcliffe along with Lydia and Josiah and the OR Team

Kudjip Hospital,   PNG